Home town

Hello today I am going to be talking about my home town it is Winnipeg it is a really good place to live in but make sure that you bring your bikes in. Winnipeg is the best place to go when you want to see some one like your girlfriend or boyfriend to I like to see my mom in Winnipeg and Winnipeg is going to be the best place for me to visit my mom and brothers and family too.  Winnipeg is one of the places that a lot of people are visiting their parents and friends to I miss Winnipeg but out here is nice to same as at night it is so pretty out in the country.  The city is one of the things that I want to go for a day or two because it is so nice in the city at night and how people are taking pics of the bridge and the forks too here is a pic of the city.


That is Winnipeg at night.

Hope you liked my blog you should see Winnipeg in person for your self 😊❤💕💕✌😘🥰

Spotify Web Player

Hello today I am going to tell you about Spotify web player it is a grate app for you to listen to when you are upset and how good it is for all of the other people in your family and how nice it is for your family and you too.


Spotify web player is a really good app and you will all was need a google home mine and a laptop or a play station or you can get it on your phone and you will always want to listen to it a lot and how you will love it so much.


Spotify web player is one of the grates things in the world and how lots of people love it a lot and how some people will feel so sad that they will listen to it more then any thing and I love Spotify web player and how my friends like Spotify web player in one year.


My friends are so happy now and how some of us get into a fight and how good it is to relax at home and listen to it everyday and my mom loves it a lot and how coming it is for her to talk to others in the room at her work and Spotify web player is going to be the most popular thing in the world and how others love it so much at home and school too.


Spotify web player is the best thing that ever happen to the world and how people are going crazy for Spotify now and Spotify came out  on April 22 2014 so that was 7 years ago and ever one is all going crazy here is a link and a pic .





hope you like my blog have a good afternoon

Beautiful Creatures

Hello today I will be talking about this book called Beautiful Creatures because it is a really good book you will like it because if you like funny then you will like this book a lot and it is about a girl that is having these weird dreams and she was going to school the next day and she felt like every thing is slow mode for her and a car was about to hit her but it was going so fast that  she didn’t find it here is a pic of the book.

This book is really good and I was laughing about this book

hope you like it and sorry it was short because we have no more time

Writers Work Shop



There was a girl that was walking home from her friend’s house and she was getting chased by a man in black. He is 6.9 feet tall he is taller than my dad. The girl she was 2 miles away from her friend’s house and she ran across the ice and she fell and almost cracked her head open. She was knocked out and she found herself in a room, in a house, in the basement and she was scared. She was yelling. She did not like to be in there. She was trying to ask where she was, and no one answered her. She always wanted to see where she was. She broke out and she got caught. She got dragged by her hair, she was crying all the way back to the place that she was at first, in the room.  She always was in her neighborhood for a long time, she really misses it a lot. Her friends are looking for her.  She made a trial for her friends so they can find her. When they found her, she was dead and there was a puddle of blood all around her. She had to die. Her friends said, “she was a good friend to us all, she loved us”. So, what they did was they buried her in her back yard. The school was so sad to lose a student and they all were crying a lot, the next day school. They put her stuff in her house now and her mom moved in. She was crying because the house is a one bedroom.  Her mom was sleeping, and she had a dream about her. She had to leave the next day back to her house and she had some of her things so she can remember her. The next day she went back to the house to get the rest of her things so she can go back to L.A that is where her mom lives. Her mom was so upset to leave her daughters house because she has all the family pictures.  She was at the house still for 3 more nights. She took the family pictures, and she went home on the third day.  She was crying on her way home and she had the same dream that night. She went to the doctors the next day to see what is wrong. Her mother was so sad to hear  that she is having those dreams because she missis her daughter so much that she must go to the house that is in Winnipeg.   She was so sad to go there and sleep for 10 nights, so she had a bad day.  Her husband had to come and sleep with her for the 10 nights. He was sad to be there with her because he wanted to go back to L.A because he does not get the dreams like his wife and he was so upset with her.

hope you like it

Talk You Out Of It By: Florida Georgia Line

Hello today I am talking about my fav song called Talk You Out Of It it is a good song and I cry about it a lot because it is a sad song and you mite cry to because my mom was crying about it a lot and here is the pic of the song and I will give you the link to the song after when I am done

it is a good song to listen to when you are sad or happy so you can have so much fun with the song and my mom likes to talk about the song at home and I love to help her when she wants to listen to it more then once.


I love this song a lot more then any thing and to have fun by listening to it a lot and I love to play a game when this song is on because my mom knows what song I like in the world so she puts it on when I am in the house and we dance to it a lot and here is the link to the song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ls6QyWu63s hope you liked my blog have a good afternoon/night



Good Friends

Hello today I will be talking about my good friends that I meat at this school and they are the best friends that I know

  • Erika
  • Michelle
  • Eternity
  • lily
  • Ben

two of my good friends don’t have blogs plus Lily came up to me one day when I first stared at this school and the links will be posted to my three good friends.


We always hang out at brake and I ask one how there day is going and they tell me that it is going bad or good and I will chare them up if there day went bad and they come with me to talk about it and here are the links




there are all the blogs and they love to hang out at brake and we all talk all about what happen when they are sad about some thing that we don’t know about it and I told them what happen to me when I was sad because they were so worried about me and I tell them al the things that happen.


Hope you enjoyed my blog there will be another one right now have a good day/ night

Mixed Emotions By: Luh Kel

Hello welcome back to another blog today I will be talking about Mixed Emotions it is a playlist on spotify it is a really good app to use to listen to music and I love spotify because I listen to all of the song on Mixed Emotions because it kind a help me with my problems that I have with school work and other thing’s that I don’t want to say and here is a pic of Mixed Emotions

there is the pic.


It will be nice if you try it out and see what you think of it and you mite like it a lot because one is so good that my BFFS listen to it so they can see how I feel about it and I love to listen to it at home school or were ever I want to go and listen to it.


here is a link for the song and hope you like it a lot as I do and get your friends to listen to the song with you that what I do with my friends and we love to listen to each others music because it makes us happy to listen and feel what they feel because there songs are so good I like one that says lets kill this love and it is a really good song to listen too.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn0SQUjCQiI there is the link hope you enjoy my blog have a good afternoon 😊😊😋😎


Love You Like I Used To

Hello today I will tell you a bout love you like I used to it is a country song and I love it so much but it reminds me about my ex boyfriend here  is a pic of the song  . I love it because I would like to see my ex again and give him a hug and to talk about us just being friends. I like it because I am emotional and I cry so fast and I all ways need a hug and my friend Erika will give me a hug when I need on and I love her so much and my ex to and he text me every day and we talk a lot and we get mad at each other so much and I love him so much and I wish I can see him again and we love each other.

I love to listen  to it because I like it so much and all my friends come and see if I’m okay and give me a hug and we talk and we play out side and me and my ex boyfriend will kiss me and give me a hug and we will be at my mom’s house and we will hug and talk a lot.

It is a really good song and I love when my mom comes in and says what are you doing and I say singing love you like I used to because it is a really good song to listen to every day and if you want to listen to it here is a link to the song and if you want more I will post another blog about a different song


hope you enjoyed reading my blog have a good afternoon




Hello today I will be talking about my BFF’S that mane a lot to me here they are:

  1. Erika
  2. Michelle
  3. Debbie
  4. Eternity
  5. Ben
  6. winter
  7. Halley

Some of my BFF’s  don’t have blog’s. They are the best friend’s that I ever had in life and my old friends that are were I used to live are mad at me because they herd from my mom and my really good friend is now really mad because I keep a secret from her. 

She got mad at my new best friends because she got told by my mom and I kind a got mad a little mad at my best friend in winnipeg and are relationship and I love to hang out with them because they mean a lot to me and I like to play a lot of games and we run a lot and here are the links to there blogs 

  1. https://michellesaemsblog2019.edublogs.org/
  2. https://elliesaemsblog2020.edublogs.org/
  3. https://erikasaemsblog2019.edublogs.org/

There are all there blogs and go cheek them out and I want to see them on Monday and I like to run with Michelle and talk with Erika and I like them as a BFF’S and I like going to school and when I was not feeling well they told my to feel better soon because they were worried about me a lot and I like to go and play with them a lot and I cry about my really good friend Erika, Michelle because they were the ones that I met first in 7 & 8 because they came up to me and said hello and how are you and what is your name and I wish that covid-19 was over & I want to see them in the summer and we love to hang out an I never had that much BFF’S in my life.

Hope you liked my blog have a good day/ night